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The practice of patching software code to cover up potential vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit is commonly known as "Patching" in IT Security updates. This process involves applying updates and fixes to your IT systems and software to address security vulnerabilities and bugs.

When left unaddressed, software vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorised access to your sensitive data and disrupt your business operations. Therefore, IT Security Updates (Patching) is a critical practice to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and maintain the security of your data and IT infrastructure.

Our IT Security Updates (Patching) Service follows a set of essential steps to ensure the security of your IT systems and software. Firstly, we conduct a Vulnerability Assessment to identify vulnerabilities in your IT systems and software. Next, we move on to Patch Management where we apply security updates, fixes, and patches to address vulnerabilities in your IT systems and software.

Afterwards, we verify the effectiveness of the applied patches and ensure that they do not cause any negative impact on your IT systems or applications through Testing. Deployment follows next, where we manage the rollout of these patches across all your IT systems and software. Lastly, we keep Monitoring any new vulnerabilities or security threats and apply additional patches quickly as required.

We offer the option to automate our IT Security Updates using patch management tools or conduct them manually, depending on the size of your organisation and your IT infrastructure. Overall, our IT Security Updates (Patching) Service is crucial in maintaining the security and integrity of your data and IT infrastructure.

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