Censornet - Cloud Security Transformed 2020-04-21



Censornet deliver security outcomes. Take your organization beyond events and alerts and into 24x7 automated attack prevention.

Intelligent, adaptive MFA solution

Passwords are not enough. Multi-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of protection to user and privileged accounts – eliminating account compromise and identity related threats.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure access to a wide range of systems, services and applications using an adaptive, cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution. Protect user accounts with more than just a password and reduce the impact of password reuse when the next large scale data breach happens.

Untouchable time to value

100% cloud-based back end, simplifying implementation and accelerating time to value for organisations of all sizes.

Frictionless user experience

Adaptive multi-factor authentication delivers a friction-less user experience - intelligently challenging users only when risk is high.

Ease of deployment

Out-of-the-box support for a wide range of systems, services and applications including all major VPN vendors and cloud applications.

How it works



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