Join us at the Virtual Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2020! 2020-10-28

Virtual Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2020!

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Qualcom Wins Award! 2020-09-16

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Censornet - Cloud Security Transformed 2020-04-21

Cloud Security Transformed
Censornet deliver security outcomes. Take your organization beyond events and alerts and into 24x7 automated attack prevention.
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Qualcom & Nutanix Partnership Update 2020-08-24

Nutanix and Qualcom MSP partnership drives end user transformation for fast moving and fast growing fresh goods logistics business

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Bitdefender - Protect your Business 2020-04-21

Protect your Business with Layered Next-gen Security

With best antivirus, anti-ransomware, protection against zero-days and rollback

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Sophos XG Firewall 2020-04-21

The world's best
visibility, protection, and response.




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Qualcom Announce Darktrace Webinar 2020-03-27

Darktrace Cyber AI Platform: Securing the ever-changing IT Environment

Join us for a webinar on Apr 09, 2020 at 11:00 AM BST.


At Qualcom, we understand that IT teams are stretched through facilitating the need for remote working and enabling the workforce ample resource to complete their job from the comfort & safety of their own home. Whilst this is an essential step in adapting to the current situation, this new environment provides new security challenges.

Home networks are likely more insecure than your business network, with no commercial firewalls or no enterprise grade security on devices. You may have kids at home, who unintentionally visit harmful websites and have a higher chance of their devices being infected - allowing malware to jump to other devices. All of this tells us the attack surface is much broader with the inclusion of the workforce’s home network, and can allow malicious actors entry to your business’ corporate environment. 

If you are interested in understanding how we can combat these and other security issues (IoT, Cloud, SaaS, email & more), from the comfort of your own home, please join us in a webinar co-hosted between Qualcom & Darktrace. Shaun Williamson (Darktrace) & Richard Cattle (Qualcom) will uncover Darktrace’s unique Immune System approach, and how Cyber AI and Autonomous Response can detect and neutralize emerging cyber threats at machine-speed and in real-time – before damage is caused.

Watch this webinar to discover: 
- The risks of dynamic, constantly changing network and cloud parameters 
- Why remote working introduces vulnerabilities into the corporate network 
- How malware innovation increases the stealth and scale of attack campaigns 
- How Cyber AI and Autonomous Response can safeguard complex digital environments

Qualcom is a strategic partner for Darktrace Technology and have implemented their solution in a number of Irish organisations.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security mitigates risk for organisations 2020-04-21

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security mitigates risk for organisations

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Join us at Ireland's 1st Virtual Cyber Event 2020-04-29

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Check out our New Lookout Security Hub 2020-05-19

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