Managed IT Security

Ensuring your IT infrastructure is secure and protecting your data is a top priority for most organisations. At Qualcom we understand the importantance of managing the security of your data. 

Qualcom’s experience of deploying IT infrastructures and our established partnerships with the leading security technology providers such as Cisco, Sonicwall, Symantec, M86 Security (Mailmarshal), Kaseya Managed Services and SOPHOS allows us to provide you with the most appropriate security solution. We will assess your business needs and risks and your current architecture and procedures. We can then recommend changes to your IT infrastructure and your policies and procedures to improve security.

Our experience of Managed Services and IT security ensures that we can provide the best advice and support so that the most appropriate operational security management is in place either via your in-house IT team, our Managed Services team or a combination of both.

How We Can Help You?

Network Security
We will help protect your systems from unauthorised behaviour, malicious hacks and denials of service (DoS). We can also provide day-to-day monitoring of your firewalls, network components and interpretation of important system events.
Protection of Systems
We will protect your IT systems from attack from viruses, malware, spyware and phishing. We will ensure that you are protected without interruption of service or slower interactions.
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
We will provide remote office or individual users with secure access to your IT systems using secure encryption technologies such as IPSEC and SSL VPN systems. We will also deploy 2 factor authentications for an additional level of security.

Secure Desktops
Our Desktop Virtualisation solutions allow users to securely access their desktops, applications and data.
Internet Security
By deploying a range of Firewalls and Content Filtering solutions we will ensure that your network is secure and that users can only view appropriate web sites.
Internal Security
We will provide the solutions to help you easily and efficiently enable access control within your IT environment.
Email Security
From anti-virus and malware protection to spam filtering, we will provide solutions to keep your e-mail secure.


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