Desktop Virtualisation

Managing desktop environments can be costly with a large proportion of your team’s time and budget spent on hardware re-freshes, patch management and rolling out and maintaining different applications for users. Keeping your IT environment secure with anti-virus and malware updates and content/web filtering adds even further resource pressures.

Qualcom’s desktop virtualisation solutions help reduce the complexity of configuring, managing and maintaining your users desktops therefore reducing your operational costs and giving users a simple, fast and reliable experience. 

We are experts in this field with established partnerships with the leading desktop virtualisation technology providers such as Citrix , VMware and Microsoft. Our Professional Services team can design and deploy a desktop virtualised solution that meets your business needs now and as they evolve and change. We can deliver every type of virtual desktop, hosted or local, physical or virtual - each specifically tailored to meet the performance, security, and flexibility requirements of each individual user.

Our understanding of Managed Services ensures that any desktop virtualisation solution, we deploy, will benefit from our emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. We will provide the best advice and support so that the most appropriate operational management is in place either via your in-house IT team, our Managed Services team or a combination of both.

What is Desktop Virtualisation?

Desktop virtualisation allows you to store, manage and maintain users’ desktops on a central server instead of the local physical machine. Therefore, when users work from their remote desktop client, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data are kept and run centrally. This allows users to access their desktops on any capable device, such as a traditional personal computer, notebook computer, smartphone, or thin client.

 How Desktop Virtualisation Benefits Your Business?

Reduced Operational Overheads (OPEX)
Centralising and simplifying desktop management reduces the amount of time needed to be spent provisioning, configuring, monitoring and maintaining your users’ desktops freeing up time to focus on other business priorities.
Improved User Security
Virtualising users’ desktops can help you secure remote access to your IT environment.
Improved Reliability
Centralised management allows for the proactive monitoring of system performance and availability.
Cost Reduction (CAPEX)
As users can share resources allocated to them on an ‘as-needed’ basis overall hardware expenses can be reduced.
Improved Mobility
Users’ can access their applications and data wherever they are in the office, on the road or at home.
Improved Data Security
As data is stored centrally it can be backed-up and maintained and you'll never run the risk of data being accessible if a laptop is lost or stolen.
Energy Efficiency
Virtualised desktops allow your users to use thin clients, that draw less power, resulting in a reduction in your energy consumption and ‘greener’ IT


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