Business Continuity Planning

IT systems play a critical role for most organisations. As a result business continuity and compliance have become priority as organisations look to avoid any downtime and the associated potential financial losses. 

Qualcom can provide the advice and support to ensure that the appropriate IT infrastructure and data storage is in place, so that in the event of a disruption of service, critical IT functions remain available to your team, clients and suppliers, and that your data remains intact and secure. 

We can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. This may include mirroring systems and servers to another site through to real-time replication solutions. We can also help you avoid a disruption in the first place by implementing systems to the highest level of resilience with no single point of failure. We can also provide solutions that ensure, in the event of a disaster, your DR site will be up and running in minutes with full service availability for your users. 

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